Success By Design

Move from Confused to Confident in 7 easy steps.

28 Lessons

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28 Lessons in Success By Design:

Module 1 - Assess the Gap

Introduction to Achieve

Welcome to Achieve and understand the acronym ACHIEVE.

A is for Assess the Gap

Intro to the first module and why it is important.

Core Values

What is a Personal Core Value, why it is important and identify your top 5 values.

5 Holistic Areas

To understand that success depends on many different areas of your life.


To identify WHERE you are on your success path and where you would like to be.

Best Life

To create one sentence that describes what your life would look like if you were living the best version of YOU.

Word of the Year

Create one word that helps you stay on track toward your goals.

Module 2 - C is for Choose to do & with Who

C is for Choose to Do & with Who

Your "WHY"

Identifying Why each of your goals are important to you.

Your "WHO"

Module 3 - H is for Have a Plan

H is for Have a Plan


Understand SMART Goals and be able to create them.

Annual Objectives

Coaching Call

Module 4 - I is for Involve Others

I is for Involve Others

Accountability Groups

Weekly Progress Report

Module 5 - E is for Excite

The E is for Excite

Module 6 - The V is for Venture the Process

The V is for Venture the Process


New Habit


Understand the concept of CSAs. Start creating your CSAs every night.


Identify the importance of having routines. Build personal routines that will boost your productivity.

Module 7- E is for Evaluate and Celebrate

The 2nd E is for Evaluate and Celebrate

Annual Review


Module 8 - How to Use Fillable Forms

Use Forms Efficiently

Learn how to efficiently use fillable PDF forms

Organize Course Files

Learn how to better organize files you download from Success by Design course